EP 27: How To Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to quiet your inner mean girl from licensed therapist and Life & Wellness Coach, Onnie Michalsky.

Onnie Michalsky is a mom of six, a licensed therapist, and a life and wellness coach for Super-Moms who have lost themselves under their cape. She empowers moms to escape the do-it-all mentality and break through the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from becoming their best self. 

Her mission, as the founder of the Moms Without Capes movement, is to help women discover and fall in love with who they are in and out of their mom hat so that they can design the life they want to be living!

Here is what you can expect from Onnie’s training:

✅ Why your Inner Mean Girl exists 

Harmful effects of the Inner Mean Girl

✅ How to finally shut her up!


Access Onnie’s Free Resource: It’s Ok To Say No 

Here’s how to connect with Onnie. 


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